Training Programme

Training from Darlington Safeguarding Boards will involve sharing knowledge about how to recognise issues, develop confidence in sharing information with other agencies, and awareness of some of the challenges presented by multi-agency working as well as the real benefits for children and adults.

The training programme aims to provide a balanced mix of participants on the courses and workshops, and fully promotes multi-agency working. The programme provides valuable opportunities for practitioners to come together in a stimulating and safe environment, to share knowledge and experience, and to build those relationships that promote the well being and safety of children, young people and adults across Darlington.

To book a place on training please contact:

If you have an enquiry for training or have additional/specialist training requirements please contact the Safeguarding Boards' Business Unit at: or alternatively telephone: 01325 406452

Charging Policy

A charging policy is in place for all Safeguarding Boards training courses.

Any organisation or group that does not contribute to the Safeguarding Boards Budget will be charged when a member of staff attends a Safeguarding Boards training course.

Details of the charges that apply are outlined in the charging policy and depend upon which agency/ organisation you work for.